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Industrial Buildings Preservation Trust

The Industrial Buildings Preservation trust was founded in 1975. Like all Buildings Preservation Trusts, it is a 'restorer of last resort' - that is, it takes on buildings of historical significance that have no future in the ordinary market place.

Unlike most BPTs, it is not regionally or locally based but can deal with buildings anywhere in the country, as long as they have an industrial connection. That can cover anything from warehouses, landscapes and wharves to rural buildings such as granaries - since agriculture is the industry of the countryside.

The website ibpt.org.uk relaunched in January 2015 after the previous website closed down.

IBPT was affiliated to the Association of Preservation Trusts (APT) where it belongs to the South East Region Committee, and COTAC (Conference on Training in Architecture and Conservation).

IBPT was happy to work with other BPTs, with local authorities and other bodies. Ideally it acquires buildings to restore, but will also lobby on behalf of buildings where there is no realistic prospect of acquisition.

If you know of a building, or an historic industrial process, that could use our help, please email us for a consultation.

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